Metallic Silver Product Labels (roll labels)

Metallic silver product labels are an excellent choice for food and beverage packaging, promotional package labels, use on bottles, jars, boxes, retail labelling, health and beauty product labels, and more.

Metallic silver product badgeprinting is available in dimensions ranging from 1" x 1" up to 6.5" x 6.5" and in run quantities ranging from 250 up to 25,000. The badgeprinting is done on a bright silver metallic stock which will remain silver in non-printed (white) areas while printed areas will have a reflective metallic colour appearance.

For areas that you do not want to be metallic we have an optional white mask that can be selected under the colour menu. If selected, this white ink will be applied to the surface of your product labels prior to printing to make those specific areas non-metallic. Colour can be printed on top of this white layer or left white if you desire. Setting up your white mask is similar to setting up a spot UV or foil mask. Mask files should be black and white using 100%K (black) only on the white areas while all of the white areas specified in the mask file will not have white ink application.

Include the white mask as a separate file when uploading your order or contact us after the order has been placed for assistance with setting up your white mask.


Stock: Metallic silver badgestock with white ink option
Corners: Square and rectangle badgecorners are rounded to 1/8".

Labels are cut by a precision laser to ensure accuracy and come by the roll for convenient storage and application.


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