Our removable product labels are designed specifically for application on products or surfaces that require them to be easily removed without leaving residue or damaging the surface below. These removable labels are ideal for use on glass screens, clothing, wood, plastic, or nearly any other type of surface. For example, use on a photo frame for sale or the inside car window sticker you receive after an oil change. The specially formulated adhesive secures the label in place while allowing it to easily be peeled off without causing damage or leaving residue that would otherwise need to be removed with scraping or solvents. These labels can also be removed and re-used as long as the application surface is kept clean and the adhesive does not collect dirt or dust.

Don't put your customers in the position of having to pick and scrape glue off their new purchases. Choose the right label for the application. If it's a label that will at one point need to be removed without fuss, select a removable product label with temporary adhesive.

Stock: Removable Label Stock
Semi-gloss removable product labels
Primary use: Products, clothing, glass

1x1" (or smaller)25$ 242.30
50$ 243.00
100$ 243.58
250$ 245.40
500$ 248.44
1000$ 253.98
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Labels are pritned in full CMYK colour

Wind direction is the orientation of your labels when they come off the roll. By default we use the most cost effective wind direction. If you require a specific wind direction for your labels please email contact us prior to placing your order.

Select the preferred shape for your labels. If you would like a custom shape label or rounded corners on your label please set up a die line in your file accordingly.

This option adds a perforation between each label on the roll so they can easily be torn off.

This is the estimated time your order will take in production. Production time does not include shipping time to your destination.

Number of labels per roll will be at our discretion, if you require a specific number per roll please contact customer support.

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