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Some Vancouver printing orders will now ship from our new West Coast operations plant with 1 business day standard shipping to Vancouver and some other locations in British Columbia. Products shipping from our West Coast plant now include 16pt business cards with UV Gloss or Matte AQ, 100lb Gloss Book flyers with AQ gloss, and various others. Some products may still ship from our other facilities depending on availability. Please inquire if you require details regarding where you product will ship from.

Searching for a reliable and affordable printing company in Vancouver can be exhausting. For example, if you're looking for high quality cheap business cards Vancouver presents a challenge, local shops simply cannot compete when it comes to pricing and quality. Generally speaking, the printing services Vancouver print shops are able to offer locally are very expensive and you will not see the same quality and resolution from the digital presses used by smaller local shops as you will from our top of the line offset presses. Meanwhile, those that appear to be offering a bargain usually turn out to be offering sub-par products that would be embarrassing to represent your business with and are almost always non-refundable. Let me explain how we are able to offer a fast, convenient, affordable, and high quality alternative. Next business day shipping is available to your area! Keep reading below to learn more about our Vancouver printing services.


Cheap Business Cards Vancouver

Looking for a great deal on quality business cards? Our cheap business cards are printed on premium quality 14pt c2s stock and are available with your choice of UV Gloss, Matte AQ, or Non-coated finish.

While these cards are lighter and thinner than our standard 16pt business cards, they are still quite high end in comparison to the cards offered by most local shops. Order a single set or sets for your entire team and save hundreds or thousands of dollars over what you would pay through a local print shop in Vancouver.

Our goal is to earn your trust and keep you coming back time and time again for your business cards and other printing needs. If you have any questions regarding this product or would like to receive a free sample pack to see the quality first hand, feel free to contact us. Sample packs can be requested by clicking the link at the very top of this page.


At Copycave, Quality Matters!

Let me explain why we believe we are better than the wide selection of other printing companies Vancouver has to offer. By utilizing state of the art offset printing equipment and batch imposition techniques we are able to run multiple jobs at once which cuts down on press time and cuts down on product waste. Imagine you are working with a standard 8.5x11” sheet and you require a product cut to 6x9”. Cutting that product would require one sheet of stock while wasting nearly half of it (this means the production cost for printing services Vancouver standard print shops are able to provide is nearly double our cost). Now, imagine you had another job on the same stock that required being cut to 2x8”. This could be run on the same sheet at the same time with no additional product waste. Now, that was just a rough example. The offset sheets we work with are much larger in size and with strategic imposition set up, can offer much more impressive benefits. Request a free sample pack today to see some examples of our exceptional product quality and feel free to browse our online store to see our impressive rates. You'll quickly see why we are becoming a popular choice for a print shop Vancouver businesses can rely on.


We are NOT a bargain basement supplier! We offer choice...

We strive to provide you with a large selection of products to choose from. We offer mid range products such as our Economy 80lb Gloss Book Low Cost Flyers or Economy 14pt Low Cost Business Cards at highly discounted rates, an incredible savings over what you would pay locally. These products are similar to what you would find at a standard digital print shop in Vancouver. We also offer a selection of elite high-end products priced at very affordable rates. Many of our clients are seeking products of the highest quality to represent their business with. Impressive silk laminated or suede laminated business cards, plastic business cards, foil business cards, heavy 14pt or 16pt presentation folders, just to name a few. You are not likely to come across these types of products when sourcing through local Vancouver printing services, products that truly offer a WOW factor that you need to see to believe.

Cheap Business Cards Vancouver

Whether you are looking for the most cost effective cheap business cards on the market or an executive quality card, ready to smash potential clients in the face with it's "WOW" factor, Copycave is here to assist! We print cheap business cards, not low quality business cards. Many of the products you see at Copycave are sold through other suppliers at nearly four times the price. Don't be fooled by high markups, over-paying for a product does not make it higher quality. Request a free sample pack to see our products first hand and evaluate the quality.

What kind of business cards do we offer?

Browse our business cards category for a full list. We produce cheap business cards, laminated business cards, spot UV business cards, foil business cards, plastic business cards, and a wide assortment of other options. At Copycave, quality is our #1 priority.

Cheap Flyer Printing Vancouver

If you're over-paying for flyer printing the chances of your campaign being successful are drastically reduced. With high overhead print costs your generated revenue could easily all be eaten up, casusing you to lose money on your campaign. Don't over-pay for flyer printing, it does NOT mean you're getting a higher quality product. Copycave offers high quality, cheap Vancouver flyer printing services on 80lb or 100lb gloss book stock. We highly recommend upgrading to the 100lb stock for a nice, heavy, high end flyer, but for many of our customers, the quality sacrifice of going with the lighter 80lb stock is worth the savings.

What many Vancouver printing services fail to realize is that when you over-charge a customer for flyer printing it hurts their business and chances for success. We want your campaign to succeed so that you continue to place orders with our company and grow. Many of our customers have started out as small operations and grown into very successful medium and large size businesses, we can't take all of the credit, but picking the best suppliers is an important step in growing your business via flyer printing and distribution.

Need large format printing? We print outdoor vinyl banners, lawn signs, and much more.

Our production facility is able to provide the largest outdoor vinyl banner printing in the country. Large format printing services Vancouver shops can provide are done on much smaller presses which restrict the dimensions of the printed product. Often used for outdoor billboards, temporary signage, or large backdrops, our durable 13oz matte vinyl banners can be printed up to an astonishing 15 feet by 150 feet in length and at incredible rates. We also offer low cost lawn signs and coroplast signs, window vinyl, vehicle magnets, and several other products produced on large format printing equipment. We can ship these products anywhere in the country and save you a lot of money.