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"pt" is an abbreviation for "point" and it is used as a measurement of paper thickness or weight. 1 point is equivalent to 1/100th of an inch, or 0.254 millimeters. Therefore, a paper stock with a thickness of 10pt is approximately 0.01 inches thick or 0.254 millimeters.

In general, the higher the point value, the thicker and heavier the paper stock will be. This affects the durability, stiffness, and overall quality of the printed product.

10pt cover stock is a popular choice for products like flyers, brochures, and handouts because it is lightweight and easy to handle. It is also a cost-effective option for those on a budget.

14pt cover stock is a thicker and more substantial option that is often used for products like postcards, rack cards, presentation folders, and door hangers. It has a more professional and high-quality feel than 10pt paper stock.

16pt cover stock is a thicker and heavier option, providing higher durability and rigidity. It is commonly used for products like business cards, bookmarks, and postcards. It gives a premium feel and is ideal for products that need to withstand heavy usage.

It is important to note that while the paper weight and thickness are important factors to consider when selecting paper stock, other factors such as finish, coating, and colour are also important to consider when choosing the right paper for your printing needs.


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14pt Postcards Standard

14pt Postcards <font size="2">Standard</font>

High quality postcard printing on a heavy 14pt card stock, with your choice of matte or gloss finish

16pt Postcards Premium

16pt Postcards <font size="2">Premium</font>

Premium quality postcards printed on thick 16pt card stock, available with matte or gloss finish.

Cheap Postcard Printing (10pt)

Cheap Postcard Printing <font size="2">(10pt)</font>

Low cost postcard printing on a light 10pt cardstock with silky smooth Matte varnish

xPress Rush Postcards
Lower quantities & same-day printing options

xPress Rush Postcards <br/ ><font size="2">Lower quantities & same-day printing options</font>

Premium quality postcards ready same-day, printed in vibrant high definition colour on bright white 14pt cardstock

Suede Laminated Postcards (19pt)

Suede Laminated Postcards <font size="2">(19pt)</font>

Premium quality postcards with a unique suede soft-touch lamination

Silk Laminated Postcards (18pt)

Silk Laminated Postcards <font size="2">(18pt)</font>

18pt matte silk laminated postcards with protective silky smooth lamination for extra durability.

Gloss Laminated Postcards (18pt)

Gloss Laminated Postcards <font size="2">(18pt)</font>

18pt gloss laminated postcards, a 1 mil gloss lamination offers extra durability and water resistant surface.

Linen Postcards

Linen Postcards

Postcards printed on 13pt non-coated textured Linen stock.

Spot UV Postcards

Spot UV Postcards

Spot UV Postcards are printed on heavy 16pt stock with UV Gloss applied to select areas on the postcard



Print custom bookmarks on heavy 16pt stock with your choice of UV or Matte AQ coating.