Long before I got into the print business, I was a customer that used various types of services for other business ventures and always wondered why the pricing from online print shops was so much more affordable than the printing services near me. In fact, during many trips to the local print shop near me I found that prices were at least double the rates being charged by online suppliers for the same stocks and products. There are several reasons for this which I will explain below.

Printing online with Copycave will save you from spending nearly double on your medium to large run jobs... here's why!

First off, online printing service providers utilize a technique called "gang run printing" for most runs. This imposition method uses multiple print jobs placed on the same sheet of paper to reduce the waste as well as the amount of press time required to print a single job. We use larger sheets and after printing these products are cut to size, which results in a large amount of waste for traditional print shops. With gang run printing jobs are strategically placed on the sheet so that the waste area is minimized and then the single sheet with various jobs printed on it is cut and separated into the various projects. The print shop near me was likely using nearly double the amount of paper for some projects which in turn results in increased costs which are passed on to the consumer.

Secondly, the printing services near me produce far less volume on a daily basis. One central plant servicing the entire country has much lower overhead and operational costs than a print shop servicing a small geographical area. Aside from the obvious savings on rent, if you're printing flyers or other large run products then volume is essential for reducing both labour and material costs. A press operator is getting paid by the hour, if they spend hours out of the day waiting around between jobs, it is still an overhead cost for the business.

And last of all, competition online is much tougher. We're not just competing with local print shops, we're competing with online printing companies across Canada and in the US. This competition drives the price down as our customers are looking for the best deal possible.

These three factors are the biggest reason that online printing services are able to offer top quality products at significantly lower rates than what you will find locally. Efficiency and volume, and you'll be happy to know that it has nothing to do with quality.