Premium quality outdoor vinyl banner printing services in Canada with fast turnarounds and highly competitve rates. We guarantee you won't find a better price in Canada for this type of highly durable 13oz outdoor vinyl banner, and if you do we'll happily match it!
These banners are made to last! They are printed on a heavy 13oz matte vinyl with specialty cured inks for UV (sunlight) resistance. If you select the hemming option, a 1.5" hemmed area on the edge provides additional strength where the grommets will be placed. Our vinyl banner printing services are utilized by many businesses that display banners year round for highly durable outdoor signage. This highly versatile product is also a fantastic option for indoor use at trade shows or other events. These durable outdoor banners are also often used for billboard prints (we do not supply the paste / adhesive).
Banner dimensions are measured in inches. Select custom size in the pricing tool.

1 Foot = 12 Inches (multiply by 12)
6 x 4 foot banner: 72" x 48"
8 x 3 foot banner: 96" x 36"
10 x 30 foot banner: 120" x 360"
We offer banner printing in dimensions ranging from 1x1 foot up to a massive 150x16 feet. These vinyl banners are ideal for use as festival signage, billboards, store signage, at trade shows, construction sites, concerts or any other purpose that requires vivid, large format banner displays in full colour. They come hemmed on all four sides for added durability and include your choice of grommets or pole pockets for hanging..
Banner printing samples are available in our free sample packs by special request. When requesting your pack be sure to specify in the notes that you are interested in our outdoor vinyl banners and we'll include a small printed piece of vinyl for you.


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Metal eyelets placed in banner to protect or insulate a rope or cable passed through it or to prevent the sheet or panel from being torn.

Pole Pockets
Pockets built into the edge of the vinyl banner, allows the banner to be displayed on poles (the poles slide into the pockets).

Hemming gives the banner edges more strength and durability.

We request that no bleed or crop marks are placed. Make your file to the size ordered (or proportional).

If ordering hems, leave a 2 inch safe zone on all sides. Expect to lose between 1/8 inch to 2 inches per side with banners.

Daily cut-off time is at 12PM Eastern Standard Time / 9AM Pacific, the current day will not count towards turnaround time for orders placed after this time.

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