Our coloured foil business cards are produced with a specialized process that allows us to apply any colour of foil to the card surface, including full areas and gradients. These cards are available without varnish for a matte finish, or with UV gloss if you prefer a glossy finish.

There is no limit to how much foil you can use, cover the entire surface if you like! The foil is applied with pinpoint accuracy which also makes it great for use on specific areas such as text, logos, or other design elements. For example, if you would only like a red foil logo on your business card you would only apply the foil under the red sections of your logo by setting up the foil mask that way.

When designing coloured foil business cards it is important to remember that the brighter the colour, the brighter the foil. If you would like a blue foil for example it would be much brighter and metallic if you use a lighter shade or cyan ink only rather than using a heavy ink mix. Using a heavy ink mix will cover more of the printable foil layer underneath. When you print colours such as black on the coloured foil sections it results in more of a flatter metallic looking black similar to car paint, rather than a reflective foil. If you have any questions regarding this product feel free to ask and as always, we'll do our best to assist.

If you need assistance preparing your foil masks be sure to contact us and we'll be happy to assist.


Stock: 16pt Premium
Coating: Uncoated or UV Gloss
Finishing Options: Coloured Foil

3.5 x 2" (standard)500$ 134.00
1000$ 172.00
2500$ 272.00
5000$ 386.00
2.5 x 2.5"500$ 134.00
1000$ 172.00
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Coloured foil is available on one or both sides. There is no additional charge to apply foil to the second side of a double sided card.

Coloured Foil
Coloured foil cards with no gloss coating applied after the foil. Choose this option if you prefer your card to have a dull/uncoated finish.

Coloured Foil with UV Gloss
Coloured foil business cards with a UV Gloss coating applied to the card surface afterwards. Select this option if you prefer the look of a high gloss business card.

Corner Options:

Standard: Standard square corners
1/8" Rounded Corners: Corners rounded with 1/8" radius. Similar to a credit card.
1/4" Rounded Corners: Corners rounded with a 1/4" radius.

* Graphic diplayed is approximate, scale may appear differently on different screens.

Daily cut-off time is at 12PM Eastern Standard Time / 9AM Pacific, the current day will not count towards turnaround time for orders placed after this time.

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