Setting up your Foil Stamped business cards with Spot UV

We require both CMYK print files plus black and white mask files to indicate where you would like the Foil and Spot UV to be applied on each side of your business cards. Note that Foil and Spot UV areas cannot overlap.

Your mask files should be set up at 100%K (black) and white. The black areas indicate the foil or gloss position (if you have a double sided card with foil and spot uv on both sides you would require four mask files total, two for each side).

This product requires advanced setup, if you are not familiar with it we would recommend contacting support or using our design services by checking the "Let us design it for you" toggle on the previous product order screen.



Upload Your Foil Business Cards with Spot UV Design

Before you upload your file, please ensure that:

• Your file is in vector format or set up at 300dpi.

• Your file is set up at the correct dimensions and includes a 1/8" bleed zone.
For example if you are ordering a 6x4" product the total artwork size should be 6.125x4.125" and this will be trimmed to 6x4". All important text should also be kept within 1/8" of the trim line.

• Your file is set up in CMYK colour mode.
RGB files will be converted to CMYK which may result in a colour shift.

• Your design has been flattened or fonts have been outlined


Files will be reviewed and may be rejected if they do not meet the above criteria. Feel free to contact us via telephone or email if you need any assistance with file setup.

For additional information please see our Artwork Guidelines.

Please upload jpg, jpeg, gif, png, eps, ai, pdf, zip, tar, rar,cdr,psd,ttf,TTF images only File should not be larger than 50MB in size.

Select this option if you have requested professional design services OR would like to place your order now but upload your artwork later. Artwork can be uploaded by going to the Details page under "My Account".