Lenticular printing offers a new dimension when it comes to printed products! Our 2-flip lenticular business cards and lenticular postcards are available in several specific sizes.

Lenticular prints utilize a specialized lens attached to the card surface. This lens allows us to create the illusion of depth or movement, as the viewing angle changes the image will change.


Lenticular Business Cards: 3.5x2", 3.375x2.125"
Lenticular Social Cards: 2.5x2.5"
Lenticular Postcards: 4x6"


You must provide two artwork files for the flips on the lenticular side and one file for the other side (if required). The back side will be standard CMYK printing. If you do not require a file for the non-lenticular side you can leave this blank and select single sided printing.

3.5 x 2"100$ 180.00
250$ 240.00
500$ 342.00
1000$ 448.00
2500$ 852.00
5000$ 1,376.00
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Double sided:

Double side lenticular products feature a lenticular lens print on the front, the back side will have a standard CMYK full colour (non-lenticular) printing.


Single sided:

Single sided lenticular products feature a lenticular lens print on the front side, while the back side will remain blank.

All lenticular prints come with your choice of 1/8" or 1/4" rounded corners. 1/8" is about the same as the corners on a standard credit card while 1/4" has a larger radius.

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